The Number Crunch: A Game of Death and Taxes (Alpha)

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on a game in my free time: a solo-rpg/boardgame/card game called “The Number Crunch: A Game of Death and Taxes.” It’s a game in which you–the player–take on the role of an Auditor in the Ministry of the Exchequer. Your job is to venture out intoContinue reading “The Number Crunch: A Game of Death and Taxes (Alpha)”

Drawing Monsters

More monsters from my forthcoming game “The Number Crunch.” Click on the images for a larger view. It probably isn’t necessary, they don’t get any better! In addition to narrative-corpse monsters, there are also series of Antagonists and minions found in narrative play. The first one is some sort of pirate octopus with a harpoon.Continue reading “Drawing Monsters”