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I read last week (or the week before; who can keep track of these things?) that a run of Swamp Thing comics penned by British fantasist China Miéville was canceled by DC. Miéville is one of my favorite writers: he blends the horrific, the fantastic and the political into a grimy bouillabaisse of delicious reading. I would have been all over this project. (Which is pretty unusual: I can’t think of any comic from the Big Two that I’ve read more than a handful of issues in the past three or four years.) And I’m not even a Swamp Thing fan. I’ve read a few issues of it over the years (including a third or fourth generation photocopy of Swamp Thing: Guest Starring Jesus!), but never with any regular consistency.

DC missed quite the opportunity: a Big-Name! writer with some serious literary pedigree, working on a comic about a monsters and politics in Louisiana.

Anyway, a little drawing I did, imagining what could have been…

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