My Favorite Recent (well, sort of recent) Episode of Teaching Baby Paranoia

I have a hard time reading my own comics. It takes me months and months to be able to see them objectively and look past the glaring flaws in their execution. Plus I often find spelling or grammatical mistakes. This is one of my favorite comics from the last year of the strip.

I think I saw a The Who performance or something online and had this urge to draw Keith Moon. As an Etruscan.

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Dropped Frames #5: Violence

This comic was written during the frenzy surrounding the Amy Bishop shooting at the University of Alabama. The intrepid reporters at the Boston Herald dug up the valuable and pertinent insight that Ms. Bishop played Dungeons and Dragons in college. This comic was my attempt to better understand the relationship between media (particularly interactive media) and anti-social behavior.

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Dropped Frames #4: The Game of Life

Years ago, two designers at the game development company I worked for were talking about “cellular automata.” I didn’t really pay too much attention to the conversation (beyond remembering the name). Much later, I was reading the book “Hackers,” by Steven Levy and came across a chapter almost completely devoted to the concept. It’s a wonderful metaphor: unpredictable complexity from the application of time to simple rules.

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Remake: That Super-Man

On the web community Whitechapel, a recurring theme is the remaking/remodeling of older characters from the history of comics. Ordinarily they’re mostly forgotten characters with one foot in the pulps and one foot in the grave. A couple of weeks ago, it was Superman–based solely on the type from the cover! This was a Harvey Comics rendition…

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Dropped Frames #2: Zork

A never before seen short history of the video game Zork. Zork was one of the very first video games I remember playing outside an arcade. Infocom (having long since been subsumed and scuttled by other companies) retains a special place in my heart for their clever, difficult and adventurous games!

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