The New Wonder Woman

There’s apparently a kite-flying motif to some of my comics and illustrations. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

So, a couple of days ago, I decided (out of the kindness of my heart) to redesign Batman for DC Comics. (Since “DC” stands for Detective Comics, does that make the name of the company Detective Comics Comics?) Today, I decided to redesign Wonder Woman. Or, not really redesign her, so much as draw her cartoonishly.

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The New Batman.

You may have heard that DC Comics is relaunching every single title in their stable. There’s apparently some controversy: characters are wearing pants now, and some are wearing fewer pants than they once were.

So, in the spirit of generosity, I’ve decided to take a moment to redesign their most iconic character: Batman. (You probably thought I was going to say “Superman.” I already did that.)

Bon appetit, DC Comics. My contact information is in the tab labeled “contact.” (Click to see the full sized version.)

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Cover Image for The Lower Kingdom

I’ve been working on my graphic novel “The Lower Kingdom” quite a bit, lately. Here’s a cover image I worked up for it… I’m finding that I don’t really draw like I did when I first started the book. It’s somewhat troubling because my internal editor keeps marking visual tics from older pages as “wrong.”

I think I’m going to have to get that internal editor drunk to shut it up…

Click to see the full sized image!

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Roger Ailes Controls the Spice

I watched the film Exit through the Gift Shop the other evening. It’s an entertaining look at street art. I’m not a big fan of most graffiti: I find the bulk of it to be uninspired vandalism for the sake of vandalism. There are those few, however, that really capture what I think is the essence of modern art: humor.

After watching it, I was inspired–not to spider up a scaffold and make my mark on some concrete, but to draw a portrait of Fox News president Roger Ailes dressed up like a character from a 50 year old science fiction novel.

It was either that, or a chewing gum mosaic. And I don’t think my teeth could handle that.

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The Number Crunch: A Game of Death and Taxes (Alpha)

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on a game in my free time: a solo-rpg/boardgame/card game called “The Number Crunch: A Game of Death and Taxes.”

It’s a game in which you–the player–take on the role of an Auditor in the Ministry of the Exchequer. Your job is to venture out into the wild and collect information through stealth, diplomacy and combat.

And, I’m kinda/almost/sorta ready to release it out into the wild.

It’s in an alpha state: meaning there are bugs and various little problems that I’m trying to iron out, but the systems that make up play are mostly in place.

If you’d like to download it to check it out, feel free to do so! If you’d like to play it (and even playtest it!), you’re more than welcome to! I’d be glad to hear from you/answer any questions you might have! And if you help me with playtesting, I’ll see that your name ends up in the credits, in whatever state it ends up in!

Here are a couple of images from the game, and the linked PDF.

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