The Making of an Illustration: Avarice Industries

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of an illustration?

No? Well, dammit, here’s your chance to find out. (I promise that it’s nothing like what goes into making a sausage.) Keep in mind, this is how I create an illustration. I’m sure others have much more refined methods for doing so; Probably involving lawn chairs, fine tawny ports, and orgone. Mine involves loitering at The Roost with green tea and a sketchbook.

I recently completed a couple of illustrations for the forthcoming role-playing game Avarice Industries. (Which just went up on Kickstarter on Monday and met its goal in just a matter of hours!)

So, here’s the final illustration. Two rival business executives: one with a steam powered shotgun and a sweet mustache, one with a laissez-faire attitude and psychic powers.

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